Quiet Thunder Chi Kung

Monday 7:30-9pm
728 NE Dekum
Portland, OR 97211

Wednesday 7-9pm
5010 NE 9th Ave. Unit B
Portland, OR 97211

Tibetan Chi Kung Classes

Monday and Wednesday evenings. Drop-ins Welcome.

Upcoming Events

Activating Intent, Nov. 1st, 2014
Workshop & Ritual, Dec. 20th, 2014
New Year Fire Ritual, Jan. 3rd, 2015
Beach Retreat 2015, Feb. 20-22nd, 2015

What is Chi Kung (Qigong)?

Tibetan Qigong utilizes meditation, movement and breathing to improve our energetic system, our mind and our body. The basis of the movements and practices are modified from Chinese Qigong. It is based upon the theory of qi. Qi is a form of universal energy. Through practice we can improve our stress level and flexibility both physically and emotionally. We can improve negative attitudes caused by stress and a sluggish energy system. Qigong helps us be mindful, pay attention and helps us let go of negative energies. Please join us so you can experience the benefits of these practices. It takes time and commitment but with constant practice you will get results.

Some of the benefits:

  • Improves clear thinking and clear intention
  • Helps us relax body and mind
  • Gives us more energy
  • Release energy blockages
  • Become more aware of our body and mind connection
  • Open to heal ourselves by clearing the Mental, physical, and energy blockages that are within our bodies.

The standing meditation is one of the things learned as a beginner. We stand for 20-45 minutes improving as we advance through the training. Through the practice of the standing we are able to strengthen our bodies and minds to help the flow of energy and intention.

Our training focuses upon tradition as well as your external and internal needs. The mind and physical awareness cannot be over emphasized. We need to keep this in mind to stay in balance and harmony.

If this sounds good we recommend trying the classes for a month to give your body and mind a chance to experience it fully.

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Upcoming Events:

11/01/2014 (Calendar)

Activating Intent

Saturday 1-4pm, Nov. 1st

12/20/2014 (Calendar)

Workshop and Ritual

Saturday 1-4pm, Dec. 20th

01/03/2015 (Calendar)

New Year Fire Ritual

Saturday 7pm, Jan. 3rd

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